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  1. Ashley

    Ashley7 soat oldin

    anyways i love this video

  2. Rebecca Jane Brennan

    Rebecca Jane Brennan7 soat oldin

    lets take a moment and appreciate emma's eyebrows please

  3. Emma Coleman

    Emma Coleman7 soat oldin

    wheres the star sweater from

  4. J. B.

    J. B.7 soat oldin

    She looks like Elizabeth Olsen in the thumbnail.

  5. kylee

    kylee7 soat oldin

    emma please tell me how you got rid of your bacne!!!! broe i got a new swimsuit for hot girl summer but i’ve started getting bacne ughhh

  6. May Thet Htet Oo

    May Thet Htet Oo7 soat oldin

    Those golf dad outfits are so good. Thank you queen xx

  7. Erla Sol

    Erla Sol7 soat oldin

    Normcore glow i love it

  8. Heyitmaggie23

    Heyitmaggie237 soat oldin

    You really should move to nyc!!

  9. omer k

    omer k7 soat oldin


  10. Little bit of Lauren

    Little bit of Lauren7 soat oldin

    My daily dose of vitamins aka emmaaaa. Yay!!! Today i posted my first video and its about raspberries and im so SHOT because who makes a video about raspberries. seriously omg. anyway, KEEP IT UP i love your videos

  11. Audreybear deen

    Audreybear deen7 soat oldin

    emma should do a video of her trying not to drink any form of coffee for 48 hours

  12. Katelyn Stomp

    Katelyn Stomp7 soat oldin

    emma’s the only one who could rock a golfing fishing grandpa look and get every teen girl to fill their pinterest with it

  13. Katelyn Stomp

    Katelyn Stomp7 soat oldin

    emma: i don’t know if they’re trendy hun, ur our leader starting the trends. we just watch and obediently follow u

  14. Kathryn Kim

    Kathryn Kim7 soat oldin

    my mom wears the controversial birks all the time. please dont do this to me emma.

  15. elizabeth kniffen

    elizabeth kniffen7 soat oldin

    you posted on my birthday

  16. Madeleine Skaufel

    Madeleine Skaufel7 soat oldin

    what style are the levi shorts anyone?

  17. katlynn

    katlynn7 soat oldin

    she’s always like “no one wants to hear about that” after everything she says that society thinks is gross but i wanna hear about it because i relate to her on the highest level

  18. Mae Stewart

    Mae Stewart7 soat oldin

    Actually why do people even dislike the video just don’t watch it LOL

  19. Austin Crawford

    Austin Crawford7 soat oldin

    11:15 ik bestie ur from the bay area we can tell.

  20. its okay pauli

    its okay pauli7 soat oldin

    Why don’t you use those video effects anymore..? you know the little music or the filters

  21. Gig Zani

    Gig Zani7 soat oldin

    Cool asf

  22. Maddy Claypool

    Maddy Claypool7 soat oldin

    Was literally wondering what to buy for the summer and she posts this

  23. Sienna Weiss

    Sienna Weiss7 soat oldin

    These outfits are so good!

  24. Austin Crawford

    Austin Crawford7 soat oldin

    joana ceddia rn: ✍👁👄👁

  25. Caisley Bess

    Caisley Bess7 soat oldin

    No offense but you need to practice your golf swing 😂😂

  26. Juliette Sandoval

    Juliette Sandoval7 soat oldin

    Does anyone know what creamer that is she’s using ?????

  27. bobbi d

    bobbi d7 soat oldin

    emma golf dads don’t love cheese and wine, they love cigars and being on time 😩😂 (yes i had a golf dad)

  28. Ilse P

    Ilse P7 soat oldin

    Hey bestie i saw a little bugger in your nose at the end. Love you bestie

  29. Lizzy McGreevy

    Lizzy McGreevy7 soat oldin

    “idk if these are trendy” well now they are emma

  30. Carly Donald

    Carly Donald7 soat oldin

    Worried for the cat

  31. Lizzy McGreevy

    Lizzy McGreevy7 soat oldin

    “never in my life have i received more comments on something in my life” well said emma

  32. Jen Nardone

    Jen Nardone7 soat oldin

    birkenstock clog and beach pant sales after this video 📈📈📈📈📈

  33. georgia sinclair

    georgia sinclair7 soat oldin

    tysm emma

  34. Austin Crawford

    Austin Crawford7 soat oldin

    bestie I don't think this is a challenge

  35. noah benton

    noah benton7 soat oldin

    9:30 outfit is so cute

  36. Canadian Batman Nerd

    Canadian Batman Nerd7 soat oldin

    So wait. What do we do when she wears none of these outfits this summer?

  37. Izzy Cameron

    Izzy Cameron7 soat oldin

    emma is the blueprint

  38. Raina

    Raina7 soat oldin


  39. Merlot Ghadoushi

    Merlot Ghadoushi7 soat oldin

    the outfit at 13:37 gave me Patrick Star vibes

  40. AA

    AA8 soat oldin

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again she looks like dory

  41. Jamie Ford

    Jamie Ford8 soat oldin

    This girl has seriously made it in life. Her ads are HER. I love it! Go Emma!

  42. elisha.

    elisha.8 soat oldin


  43. Meriem Fakihani

    Meriem Fakihani8 soat oldin

    I don't know what it is but she looks more beautiful each time

  44. EdenOne2

    EdenOne28 soat oldin

    How r u straight

  45. Jaxon Britton

    Jaxon Britton8 soat oldin

    why is emma so cute when she laughs

  46. AA

    AA8 soat oldin

    14:23 giving the middle finger did not come naturally in this outfit

  47. alex powell

    alex powell8 soat oldin

    who unliked this vid.

  48. AA

    AA8 soat oldin

    14:00 I can see the vegan mom at new leaf perfectly

  49. cesia madai

    cesia madai8 soat oldin

    YES TO LONG SKIRTS!!! i’m all for it

  50. Ellie Bears

    Ellie Bears8 soat oldin

    I love everything about this

  51. jas

    jas8 soat oldin

    “let me know how you’re doing” *pauses to make weird faces* 😭

  52. Kaydin Burgen

    Kaydin Burgen8 soat oldin

    i love the controversial birkenstock clog

  53. Emma Stewart

    Emma Stewart8 soat oldin

    does anyone know the exact pair of shorts from the first outfit?

  54. Azam Syed

    Azam Syed8 soat oldin

    4:18 tf is your cat sniffing? PLS HUAHUAHUAHUAHUAHUAHUA IM SO QUIRKY

  55. Ohood Xx

    Ohood Xx8 soat oldin

    How old is she???

  56. Miranda Gluck

    Miranda Gluck8 soat oldin

    Pls someone tell me where those gold dad shorts are from the white ones

  57. Olivia Williams

    Olivia Williams8 soat oldin

    thanks bestie

  58. Arianna Hoppin

    Arianna Hoppin8 soat oldin

    ughh i luv you

  59. nelly lopez

    nelly lopez8 soat oldin

    You’re a sweetheart ily Emma <3

  60. Brianna Hacsunda

    Brianna Hacsunda8 soat oldin

    this video is free therapy

  61. nelly lopez

    nelly lopez8 soat oldin

    you’re a sweetheart ily emma

  62. Fatmeh Jaber

    Fatmeh Jaber8 soat oldin

    “The vegan shoes”

  63. Ashley Estrada

    Ashley Estrada8 soat oldin

    i want a house tour

  64. Makenna Stagaard

    Makenna Stagaard8 soat oldin

    Holy shit I’ve been to that exact coffee shop!

  65. Sydney Mueller

    Sydney Mueller8 soat oldin


  66. Rachel Rose

    Rachel Rose8 soat oldin

    emma please tell us where to get the beach pants from😩

  67. まさみ

    まさみ8 soat oldin

    5:00 this is what every guy in the 80's wore at the beach and im kinda living for it

  68. Victoria Martinez

    Victoria Martinez8 soat oldin

    the fits were definitely interesting & nice !

  69. Emily Grace

    Emily Grace8 soat oldin


  70. Mik Rose

    Mik Rose8 soat oldin


  71. Brianna Hardie

    Brianna Hardie8 soat oldin


  72. Alyssa Rodriguez

    Alyssa Rodriguez8 soat oldin

    I always cringe when I see how people act with well known UZnickrs like fans But Mann I love this bitch her authenticity is so appreciable especially nowadays when everyone trying to be what they see on the media

  73. Matti Cruikshank

    Matti Cruikshank8 soat oldin

    These fits go harddd

  74. jas

    jas8 soat oldin

    miss chamberlain answered us 😌

  75. Lila J.

    Lila J.8 soat oldin

    I literally smiled the whole time watching this

  76. Maizy Wendler

    Maizy Wendler8 soat oldin

    I love you

  77. Macie Tenney

    Macie Tenney8 soat oldin

    she looks like bella swan with the ball caps

  78. Eliza Walker

    Eliza Walker8 soat oldin


  79. Megan Ingenthron

    Megan Ingenthron8 soat oldin

    Love this love the fits. Prep gurl summer

  80. Alyssa Rodriguez

    Alyssa Rodriguez8 soat oldin

    The reason why Emma is so intriguing and bad ass is because she's herself she's not trying to be somebody else like how most you tubers , and social media influencers. Emma your bad ass and keep remaining urself, that's what ppl love!